Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

It's been a while since I last dropped in here. A lot of changes, a lot of going ons..

Got meself a new baby nephew.. My brother moved in.... Rayn (my 2 year old nephew) became my shadow for a month.. then abang moved out again.. missed my shadow.. sniff. Welcome to the world Rizq Iskander...

I celebrated my 30s birthday... resigned from the Commission, got meself a new job in the city (which I'd have to wake up very early in the a.m.. I'll think about that later in June), now I can still wakey at half 8 and be in office by 9 *cough* 15.. , got meself new wheels, bade farewell to the lovely Gen2...

Now am in the midst of 4th semester, struggling with 2 finance papers... Capital Market & Investment AND Econometrics... spoke to both lecturers of my worry, of my lack of expertise in ermm numbers...and how I'm having difficulty digesting alpha beta, regression, standard deviation... etc... seriously folks... who on earth calculate causality and multicollinearity and heteroskedasticity of variables.. ok maybe Department of Statistics.. but me? whatever FOR?? -significant dependency of shopping and money... that I know! I dont need to calculate that!!!! can you pronouns heteroskedasticity???? If you cant, dont bother ambik Econometrics yah.... heheh.. nanti you suffer like me.. zits tumbuh bagai cendawan and your back will hurt like wanna patah.. I wrote to my Business School Director asking what are the repercussions of me failing.. will my CGPA of 3.80 drop gedebush bang boom bang..... talked to my financiers, the ever so kind MAFA... that I may fail... sniff... oh well.. exam is next week.. we shall see.... BUT if I do fail, please dont be mad at me... *sniff* - gatal gelenyar nak buat finance sape suruh! Padan Muka!

And my fear of sleeping alone is back.... bageroo! Been camping in MAFA's floor since Sunday... GOBS! Again Gatal Gelenyar tengok live horror movie sape suruh! Ngek Ngong!

WITH that... habislah my babble-an for the night.. (pada hakikatnya, I should be studying how to calculate valuation of bonds! Huarghhhhh!)and Farita, it's your move on Scrabs... ampun ye.. tiba-tiba ter-bingo pulak.. muahahahhaha


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I've Been Tagged By My Abang

My Abang Djin tagged me to do this? Buak gapo dok tau.. but anyways, here goes. bagus jugak since kekeringan idea to blog....

5 benda dalam beg - beg apa? Handbag?

1. My purse
2. Handphone
3. Kunci rumah
4. Lip Gloss
5. Compact powder

5 benda dalam dompet

1. RM50 - sniff sniff
2. Maybank card
3. Identity Card - nanti polis ingat I orang Thai pulak
4. Credit cards - tak banyak pon, 2 je
5. Resit, bertan-tan resit sebab Papa kata "keep all your receipts!"

5 benda favourite dalam bilik

1. My BED lah..I LOVE my bed
2. TV and astro (wajib ah)
3. Aircond - mati ooo OOO kalau takde AC
4. Wood carving I bought from Bali - Berat wor mau angkat itu benda naik Air Asia somemore
5. DVD Playa - wuish! Time hujan, Astro kong, DVD playa sungguh berharga!

5 perkara yang ingin lakukan

1. Pi shopping with unlimited cash
2. Dive kat Raja Ampat
3. Dive with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays
4. Kawin - hahahah yes people, I do wanna get married, just need to find the guy first!
5. Drive a debt-free car!! Tiap-tiap bulan that eats up my disposable income, depreciate jugak value si Gen2 tu. Why la Budget 2008 tak include monthly deduction for car payment hehehhe - yes yes I know, bertambah jam la KL

5 perkara yang sedang dilakukan

1. Dok type benda ni lah.. how can you do 5 things at once
2. Tengok TV - or rather dengar TV
3. Charge Dopod
4. Tengah praying that my chicken pox would go away soon
5. Hoping and wishing the poxes will not leave a mark on me body!

5 people I want to tag

1. Pruplelillies
2. Eddy Purnama
3. Seademon
4. Carlos marlos
5. Sesiapa saje yang ingin mencuba and tak ada idea nak update blog... sila kan ;-)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Need and Wants - Pink-SPottie-Fins Part II

Why is it, when you want something BADLY, you think of nothing else but wanting it... but when you have it, you just dont want it anymore........ ?

When I'm at work, I wish am in bed... and now, I have ALL the time in the world to be in bed, I wish I'm at work. When I wanted Dopod, I soo want it, now I have it, all I can think of is the beautiful sony ericson red color like Kak Farah's... or when I wanted this Ibook, i soooo wanted it.. but now all I want is the beautiful pink color Dell RM2,199......... when I wanted... Ok you get the drfit huh...........

I miss the mall, I miss hanging out with my friends.. I miss the world! When are these spots gonna go away? They keep coming back!


As you can clearly see, I'm BORED. Apart from my lovely parents (whom I think are secretly wishing that the poxies disappear soon.. hehehe this girl is ALWAYS here bugging me <--- think that's what they're thinking hehehe) and my lovely Wiwi (my fatso cat) and Buffy (my new kitten whom at first I named her Dafi [ya know the AF dude] but she doesnt wanna answer to Dafi... and just now I ter-called her Buffy and she responded... so HEY! Buffy it is!), I'm ALWAYS on the Internet! Thank God for streamyx huh,, if still pakai dial-up mampus nak bayar Internet bill.... and I'm like the permanent resident of this forum - - and yahoo mail (thank God for Chickies mails that kept me in the loop of office gossips) and yahoo messenger (kat office limited access coz ermm takut IT [shut up Saintvamp] catches me using this web-based messenger [again Saintvamp - HUSH!]...

Sheesh! I need to get a LIFE! Am turning into a computer geek (with minimum knowlegde of IT of course)............


It's Sunday night,
My girlfriends are out at karaoke,
It's just not right
I need to break away

Storm's brewing outside yo
But no rain in sight
Oh chickie poxie virus how am I to fight you?
Show me the way show me the light

I think I'll shut up now...
I am soooooooo definitely going insane.................


Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I've been going to and fro to the clinic for 3 weeks in a row now.. The first week coz I had fever and flu and cough... the second week coz of the flu, I sniffed so hard that I pulled a neck muscle. I had stiff neck for days! Doc prescribed me some muscle relaxant, gave me MC and asked me to go for a massage.... man! with people like me, the doctors can buy new mercedez la like this!

And yesterday I went back to the clinic coz I had ermmm what I thought were my cats' coodis..... turned out to be Chicken Pox!!!

Tua bangka dapat chicken pox is soooooo shame shame!!! hhahahaahha and this is my second time somemore! So, the belief that the pox only haunt you once in your life is a hoax!

itchy pi..itchy pi..pipi pinkie itchy..itchy itchy itchy!!!! Itchy!!!!! Arghhhhh!!!!!

Oh, check out what I found on the net:
What is shingles?

Shingles is a painful rash caused by the Varicella zoster virus (Herpes varicellae), which is the virus that causes chickenpox . Shingles occurs in people who have had chickenpox and is a reactivation of the dormant virus. Shingles often occurs many years after the initial chickenpox infection. Shingles is contagious and may itself cause chickenpox. However, contact with a person with shingles or chickenpox cannot cause shingles.

So, does this mean these spots are shingles?? Am gonna pop over to the clinic and ask Dr. So. Kayalah clinic tuh!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Malaysia cemerlang, gemilang.... Malaysiaku....!!!

Am sprawled in bed, with the TV showing the live telecast of Merdeka celebration... Man! there sure is a sea of people in Dataran Merdeka! Happy Merdeka Malaysia ;-)... I feel blessed... 50 years of Merdeka!

Heheheh i feel blessed that I am in bed, not out there in the sea of thousands of people, sweaty people.... hish! How unpatriotic of me! Hey, being patriotic doesnt mean I gotta be out there singging "Tanggal 31, Bulan 8 57" now do I? I can be patriotic in my own way.....! Kan Abang Eddie kan? Kan? Kan?

Oh oh I can see fireworks everywhere, scattered places all over Klang Valley... KL's skyline in on FIRE!!!!!!! Happy Merdeka everyone.... yawn.. ok am sleepy... time for bed...... Again, Happy Merdeka everyone..!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happy 40th My Dear Brother

Dear Abang,

May your life be filled with lots and lots and lotsof love and happinesss, semoga dimurahkan rezeki $$$$$ (ehem.. remember am your sista ok.. heheeh), may it also be filled with lotsa golfs (golf ada plural "s" ke) and lotsa computer games, and foooood and nasi kerabu and smabal tumises and more of your pokok-pokok and tumbuhan hijau.. heheheehheh

Happy 40th bro.. life begins today? (heheheheh... shhh I wont tell Kak Farah..) hee hee hee

Lots and lots of love,

Adik Bongsu

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Phone Saga..

Yesterday, I was running late to meet my mates at the Uni. We were to come up with a viable business plan as part of our course work for the subject Entrepreunership. I came up with the idea of an inn at a pulau.. heheheheh... Hey, mana tau, one day I'll become a successful business lady ke... all you divers kena stay at my inn, OK.

So anyways, with work and jammers and all, I was soo late and the mates were calling me on the phone asking where I was and all. And I said "I'm on the way..". Seriously on the way lah, not just leaving outta the door or something. It was really jammed up that Hartamas road (before reaching the junction that goes up to Penchala Link tu). If DBKL people read this kan, please, please lah. Why lah the elevated road that goes straight up to Penchala Link tu tak bukak. Tak pass certification is it? Jammers ok whai orang Bandaraya..!!

Roighhtt, back to the story mory - As I reached the Uni half an hour later, the mates relayed to me the story.

Mun : Eh Syira, you know what happened or not?
Me : What ah?
Mun : This fella right (pointing to Alex), he asked me to call you. So he happily punched in this number lah.. 012-622****. And then he passed the phone to me..
Me : Wah! Acting like CEO already ah?
Mun : Ya lah! But anyways, you know got man pick up the phone OK.
Me : Huh? Heheheh did he say Syira is in the shower?
Mun : No lah... eh listen lah.. Dont nyampuk.
Me: OK OK.. go on.
Mun : I put the phone on speaker for everyone to hear. So I asked lah, "Can I speak to Syira please". The man said, "sorry no Syira here". Automatically bila dengar his voice I said kuat2, "EH! Indian man lah". Terlupa on speaker ok.. I quickly say sorry wrong number. We were puzzled lah.. then we checked the number. Betulla ini Alex kan, he confident only punched the number.. tengok-tengok salah nombor...
Alex : Yes yes.. I'm sorry lahhh..... but Syira, after few minuteskan, we got this message,

Alex showed me his phone with the sms -
"Hi there. Is that your way of saying hi to me?"

Hahahahhah kesian Alex.... lepas ni sure he kena chat up by that Indian man.. hee hee hee